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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top five jewelry trends for fashion lovers and wholesalers: to know what to buy

Fashion trends are never the same every day as there are some new things come and people will love them, use them. Jewelry has been the main attraction for everyone since so many years ago. Yes, it is almost time for bubbles. But it is also tine to assess jewelry trends. As we know that jewelry trends are derived from three resources, red carpet, runway, and real life. Here is a list of five trends compiled through jewelry market research of new styles seen as show and during market appointments.
Bracelets and bangles
Admittedly, this is kind of a big duh; of course folks are going to wear bracelets and bangles. But consider that the unifier in all of spring’s clothing—from menswear-inspired numbers to rocker-chic getups, T-shirts and jeans, or sleeveless tops—is often a bare wrist that demands coverage. To wit, clients’ go-to accessories are bangles, cuffs, stacking styles, or wide models with clasps. Are you still looking for wholesale bangles or bracelets? You will find surprise from searching at Viennois-online.
Cross Necklaces
Of course, crosses are always popular, however, 2014 will be known for poping up one of Viennois-online’s most beloved jewelry pieces. Bold gemstones necklaces make a statement of faith on your neck, bur also hand, or finger! As a symbol of your faith or a fashion statement - A beautiful new cross will make a heavenly addition to jewelry wardrobe of every one.
Spring fashion celebrates a pared-down aesthetic complete with menswear-influenced styles that require accessorizing, and watches fit the bill. Chic, price-point-friendly watches offered by names like Michael Kors appealing to entry-level shoppers, while diamond-encrusted pieces from Bedat speak to high-end shoppers. Some retailers told Viennois-online that watches were among their best sellers during the holiday season. And, the chatter will begin with a fine watch topic.
Fashion bags
Chanel has just released the Pre-spring 2014 (spring 2014 Act 1) bags which are already in stores starting January 2014. This season there are many more Boy Flap bags to covet including leather that is braided, crystallized and faded. The classic flap bags are updated with a new denim exterior as well as the warm two-tone bags in dusty pink and beige. The classic Chanel briefcase gets an upgrade with this beautiful quitted briefcase with large top handle and strap, perfect for the working woman.
Stud earrings (big and small)
These are an ideal to accent minimalist looks, as well as a fave (an unfortunate one according to some) among Hollywood stars who often wear them to awards shows. Studs are also inherently wallet friendly, unisex, and available in designs as numerous as the celebrities who walk the red carpet. Thanks to Viennois-online, you can get the wonderful wholesale jewelry China.
Designers from Viennois have creative thinking and unique perspective for fashion especially for fashion jewelry. With long history in fashion jewelry industry, the jewelry style has been treated as wind vine in fashion jewelry world. To know more about jewelry companies or jewelry wearing and matching, please connect with me on Viennois facebook or Google+

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