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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Top 5 trendy handbags for the wholesalers to try

It is not easy to catch the fashion trend since they are come and go. But if you do would like to wholesale fashion handbags that your customer will like, follow Viennois-online with the biggest handbag trends to get inspiration on how to work them into your fashion accessories collections.
1. Floral clutch
A floral clutch adds extra springtime cheer to any outfit. Whether you are mixing prints or some eye-catching accessory to create a streamlined monochromatic look, such a floral clutch can bring the wearer fresh feeling. Adorn yourself in an entire outfit of roses, carrying a clutch that accented with spring’s favorite accessory. Such floral clutches that will instantly make your day flourish.
2. Bucket bags
Diversified Sea Blue Leather Shoulder & Crossbody Bags
No matter how unsophisticated you think a bucket bag is, it is one of the most practical accessories fashion has given you. Being a casual yet chic, this latest fashion trend is here to stay. Yes, it is a fun bag and more than comfortable and has made appearances in many fashion shows as well. A bucket bag is a must-have in your wholesale fashion handbags collection, not just for this season, but for future as well.
3. Backpack
Elegant Colored Casual Style More Than 50 Pcs Accept Custom-Made Backpacks
Yes, a backpack may sounds like 90’s, but this year’s new corp is much cooler. Along with being incredibly functional, the durable and comfortable backpack is not just for the backpacker any more. It can be see anywhere and anytime now. It is also a truly affordable fashion accessory for everyone. To catch the current trends, when shop for wholesale fashion handbags, the backpack should also be included.
4. Tote bags
Independent Design Leather Ostrich Embossed Leather Tote Bags
A leather tote bag is great, versatile item that looks good with most outfit. As we know that leather is a sturdy material that holds up well over time, but at the same time, it will also be more expensive. Leather totes also come in a variety of colors making the most outfits stand out and make a statement. Therefore, it has been a versatile choice for all the fashionable people.
5. Metallic bags
Since the fashion trends are changing all the time, fashion designers do not forget to add different favors to bring touch to their fancy bags by using lots of metallic colors. Metallic handbags can be found in every season collections, and there is no exception for this season. Are you still looking for wholesale fashion handbags? Your researches will be ended today.
If you are a wholesaler here to wholesale fashion handbags, why not try these five trendy styles this time?
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