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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Top Reasons to Wholesale Ceramic Jewelry

ceramic jewelry
The term "ceramic" applies to minerals dug from the earth, mixed in various formulas with water and sometimes organic materials, shaped, decorated, usually glazed, and heated to a durable hardness. They can be made into many shaped and have different patterns. China is famed by making good ceramic. In these years, people can see there are more and more people tend to wear ceramic jewelry instead of wearing alloy jewelry. And it seems that the trend of wearing ceramic jewelry will last for a long time.
Why the ceramic jewelry is supposed to wholesale?
1 Fresh design
People's impression toward ceramic is always about dishes and vases that appear in the daily life but seldom think about that they can be used to make beautiful ceramic jewelry. These ceramic jewelries satisfy people's demand for novelty and also give people outstanding visual impact. By adding different elements like trendy cartoon characters, beautiful flowers and ethnic culture symbols, these ceramic jewelry can also catch up with the fashion trend and cater to people's requirements.
2 Diverse choices
For the flexibility of the ceramic, they can be shaped into the shapes that people like. Every handmade ceramic can has different pattern so they are unique. Every people can get the special ceramic jewelry that suits them most.
3 Easy to match
On account of the multiple designs of the ceramic jewelry, they are very easy to match. No matter the casual clothes or the modest evening dress, people can get the beautiful and special glamour from the ceramic jewelry they pick and make them look gorgeous.
4 Worthy for collection
Ceramic is different from other material in making jewelry. They are produced by traditional craft which has been used for thousand years. Ceramic jewelry is more than normal jewelry for decoration. It is also an artwork that contains the culture and art of a country with profound cultures.
5 Affordable price
Ceramic is not like the porcelain which is very expensive and unaffordable. The materials of ceramic are very common and easy to get and the processing is not that hard since the technology has developed so well. So wholesalers have no need to worry about the price will be too high for them to wholesale.
6 Health materials
There are many unqualified metal fashion jewelry sold in the market and scientists said that these jewelry will do harm to people's health. Though they are very shining and beautiful, but they are not suitable for long-term wearing. Ceramic containing no metal and other harmful elements and they cater to the modern consumption idea that call on green consumption.

Beautiful ceramic jewelry show
1 Ceramic Earrings
ceramic jewelry
2 Ceramic Necklaces
ceramic jewelry
3 Ceramic Bangles
ceramic jewelry
4 Ceramic Rings
ceramic jewelry
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