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Monday, April 28, 2014

Top five new trends in cross necklaces for the wholesaler

Cross necklaces now are not merely a religious belief to wear. They are more than a way to showcase a fashion statement increasingly. To choose wholesale cross necklaces, consider these top 5 new trends in the cross necklaces.
Good cross necklace wholesale
Gold cross pendants:
Metal cross sign necklaces are very versatile. They can be worn for any nice dress and suits. Accessorizing outfits with gold cross necklaces take slightly more thoughts than wearing silver-tone necklaces. To keep your look uniform and make popular choice for your customers, gold cross pendants are must-have collections for your collection of wholesale cross necklaces.
Sterling silver cross pendants:
Cross pendants have a long history for being dainty and feminine. But sterling silver cross pendants look modern and more masculine. Because of this, both men and women can wear this special religious jewelry for their modern outfit. Add these wonderful and cool cross necklaces to your wholesale cross necklaces collection.
Pearl cross necklaces:
Because they are available in so many different styles, pearl cross necklaces are perfect for personalizing a look and expressing who you are. It can be chosen as a great jewelry gift, be sure to choose a necklace that will send the right message. Wholesale cross necklaces made of pearl will be the fashion all the time.
Diamond cross pendants:
Diamond cross pendant is nice enough for formal occasions, but it is also neutral enough to wear every day. It can be matched with other fancy jewelry. It can also be used to create unique look using the diamond cross pendants. Diamond cross sign pendants fashionably brings whimsy to the fine jewelry category. To wholesale cross necklaces, do not miss these wonderful pieces.
Cubic zirconia pendants:
Gemstone jewelry sparkles beautifully under the lights of a fancy party, but you may noit want to wear your best diamond necklaces in such a place in a foreign county. Then you can choose cubic zirconia pendants instead, cubic zirconias sparkle just as brightly as diamonds, but they are much more affordable. They can be worn on a long chain or short piece of velvet. No matter what kind of styles you like, cubic zirconia cross pendants will be good choice. To catch the fashion trend, wholesale cross necklaces designed with cubic zirconias, which give a good way for all the people to try the fashion.
A piece of religious jewelry is one of the best ways to represent your lifestyle and interests. Cross necklaces are no longer limited to basic, bland and boring designs. A trendy cross pendant with gemstone, geometric shapes or unique details will give people religious jewelry to accessorize both casual and dressy outfits, use these tips mentioned above to begin your wholesale cross necklaces purchase now.
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