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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top five fashion engagement rings for the wholesaler

Rings are unique among jewelry. The round shape symbolizes love and eternity always; therefore, they are the must-have choices in an engagement and wedding. If you are a wholesaler here to search for the most fashionable wholesale rings particularly for the engagement, then please continue your reading.
Engagement rings trends
Just as clothing and hairstyles, different people will have different taste. But everyone would like to get the engagement rings in trendy styles. Also, a collection of unique trendy jewelry will keep you feeling interesting in your purchasing process. So let’s see the trendiest engagement rings this year.
Romantic vintage rings
Sparkling 925 Sliver With Silver Oxide Plating Emerald Ring
Vintage jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Ring lovers have found that vintage rings allow them to embrace unique styles without extra resources, which can add eye-catching to them, especially when they are in the wedding or engagement ceremony. Are you looking for wholesale rings? These romantic vintage rings are must-have for your wholesale collection.
Sterling silver rings
Simple and elegant 925 Silver With Silver Oxide Plating Multi Red Stone Ring
Sterling silver is one of the top metals preferred for jewelry and sterling silver rings are loved by women because they can go with any dress they choose for their engagement. They are available in many varieties and styles. If you would like to wholesale rings in this material, please remember to choose the ones in great features and high-gloss finish.
Gemstone rings
Premium Sea Blue Rhodium Plated Multi Gemstone Ring
A good choice for the couples who are preparing their engagement ceremonies is gemstone rings. The ruby, for example, is the symbol of love, health and passion and also can bring woman luck in marriage. Such a truly meaningful ring should be included into your wholesale rings collection.
Cubic zirconia rings
Well Designed Russian Style Halloween Animal Floral Ring
Cubic zirconias are becoming a very popular option for engagement rings and other wedding jewelry. Many couples find that cubic zirconia rings offer the same great look as diamond rings, but that they save them enough money to have the band they really want at their wedding reception. Cubic zirconia engagement rings will last a lifetime, but the stones can be replaced with more valuable gemstones in the future if desired.
Stainless steel engagement rings
fashion stainless steel ring
Stainless steel is very popular in men’s rings, but many new women’s ring styles are coming out in stainless steel. This metal is easier to care for than sterling silver, this is because it doesn’t tarnish and it is also more affordable than other precious metals like gold, platinum, tungsten and so on. These benefits make trendy women turning to stainless steel rings when they need a bit of extra shine and texture in their engagement ceremonies.
Tips from Viennois-online
Some ring styles look best on different fingers. For instance, delicate rings look lovely and demure on the ring finger, but they may not look the same better than on middle finger or pointer finger. In other words, knowing the ring sizes will help build well-balanced of your ring collection. You can get the best reference of wholesale rings from Viennois-online, no matter the styles and wholesale rings sizes.
With over 20 years in the fashion industries with a team of qualified experienced staff and designers, Viennois-online has high quality wholesale jewelry that are unrivalled in the market, which also means that it can be a reliable source for any rings items you need. Inspired by rich experience in fashion world, all the rings from Viennois-online are novel in patterns and styles. Fashion elements are embodied completely in the rings designs. Do not hesitate anymore, source from Viennois-online to get the trendiest wholesale rings.
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