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Monday, March 24, 2014

Seven must-have fashion DIY charm bracelets this season

Fashion jewelry such as bangles are a fantastic way to accentuate an outfit, they can turn something ordinary into a wonderfully striking ensemble. Most modern bracelets from the jewelry store end up costing you an arm and a leg. However, now there are DIY designs now, from which can you have your own customized bangle piece without costing you much. Now let’s see ten must-have fashion DIY charm bracelets this season.
Beaded bracelets
High Quality Fashion Bracelets
Beaded bracelets are really an every style for everyone. You can gather your supplies and choose your bracelets and the beads or charms that you want to add. You can use all the same colors, or mixed them up, which just depends on your preferred style.
Striped bangles
These chunky, cheerful wholesale bangles are so simple and you can wear them the day you make them. Remember to use a basic decoupage process to add bright tissue-paper stripes to inexpensive bracelets.
Sweater bangles
Give your favorite stained sweater new life with this bangle hack. Snip a strip of fabric from a chunky cardigan or patterned sweater and sew the ends together around a cuff form. (Via a bit of sunshine,
Chain link bracelets
With colorful threads woven through them, chain link bracelets have been popping up here and there. With a curb chain bracelet and some embroidery thread, a woven chain bracelet can be made of course.
Studded leather wrap bracelets
This designer-inspired piece took practically no time to make and for a fraction of the cost of the real deal. If you’ll be working with leather often, investing in the medieval-looking leather punch is your best option. But those just starting out can hack it with a large sewing needle and some elbow grease. (via Thanks, I Made It)
Ribbon colored bracelets
It is understandable that ribbon colored bracelets are so popular this season, because it is easy to make as well as the perfect color we can see. Your life will also be as colorful as the colored bracelets. You can roll out the ribbon and cut it according to the length of your chain. Please make sure to add extra length since you will weaving it through the chain.
What your favorite ones are from listed above? If you like, you can also add to your wholesale fashion diy charm bracelets bangles collection. you can also customize what you like from Viennois-online.
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