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Friday, August 1, 2014

How to Wholesale Gold Plated Jewelry Sets from China

The golden jewelry sets are popular in the Middle East and some Asia countries. Some Middle Eastern style jewelry sets fully express runway fashion, chunky and luxurious. However, the golden jewelry sets is very expensive that it is not a good choice for wholesale so the gold plated jewelry sets can be an alternate. The reason that many people like gold plated jewelry sets is not only because its price but also its durable quality.

Gold plated jewelry sets are very popular and they have a big market demand in the whole world. They are matched designs including necklace and earrings, some even with brace lace and rings. The thin layer of gold deposited onto the surface of alloy make the jewelry itself give out the shine as the pure gold or even with better luster and color. The most important is that the cost of gold plated jewelry sets’ production is low and most people can afford it. China, as a country with many labor force and developed jewelry manufacturing technology, will always be the first choice for wholesalers from home and aboard to get gold plated jewelry sets in bulk taking the distance and the culture diversity into account.
So, how can wholesalers use the lowest price wholesale gold plated jewelry sets from China? Here are some tips.

1. Find the most trustworthy jewelry wholesale supplier

There are many jewelry wholesale suppliers in China but not all of them have morality in business. You have to figure out the good from the intermingled bad supplier.

* Go to a library or bookstore to check the display ads and classified ads in jewelry wholesale magazines from China.
* Search estimates of different supplier on the web. Buyers always give their real response to suppliers’ products and you get advice from their comments.
* Do comparison among those suppliers you have already chose. You are not supposed to make choice at the first sight. Impulsion will make you miss the best gold plated jewelry sets wholesaler.

Here is the step one. The whole process wastes you nothing but time. It is very easy but also important in the process of wholesaling gold plated jewelry sets.

2. Wholesale with a reasonable price and the best quality

After choosing a trustworthy gold plated jewelry sets wholesale supplier, it is time to make sure that jewelry supplier provides the best quality gold plated jewelry sets and the price (including the transportation fees) is lower than the local price in your country.
For example, Viennois is a famous company in supplying wholesale jewelry and accessories. It provides wholesalers the manufacturer’s price and products that have reached the global standards to the buyers. You can place order of gold plated jewelry sets from Viennois-online directly. As China No.1 fashion jewelry wholesale supplier, Viennois-online can offer free shipping US$800, and when the order is up to US$1500, 5% OFF plus free shipping. The big wholesalers can enjoy upmost 18% discount.

3. Make sure the transportation fees, time and after-sale service

The quality and the price are important, but the transportation fees, the shipping time it takes and the after-sale service in case there is some accidents during transport.

* Make sure the transportation fees and if there is some discount for your order.
* Get the exact time it will cost during transport, especially for those who order the products in emergency.
* Figure out the after-sale service and transportation insurance to confirm that you will get corresponding compensate for your loss.

After all these steps, you can place your order. And the wholesale gold plated jewelry sets from China which is quality and fashionable to earn you considerable profits.

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