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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fashion jewelry trends 2014 – latest jewelry styles for the wholesaler and retailer

Are you looking for wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen? Do you know what the major trends are this year? It is common problem in the fashion world that you cannot get the right jewelry pieces right now. You can follow the fashion runway news to get the latest trends, so that you can choose the freshest wholesale rings, the trendiest necklaces, the best bracelets and the most stylish earrings. But you can also take a little time to read the article out, which will help you get useful information for your jewelry wholesale collections.
Necklaces: necklaces are fabulous fashion accessories, and some are quiet fun, too. There are many beautiful and fashionable necklaces available, including diamond necklaces, gold necklaces and bead necklace. These necklaces often have geometric pendants to pull the chain through or a sliding clasp. Actually, there are also many necklaces in unique quality. A well-appointed jewelry collection may include designer necklaces, pendants necklace and strands, too. If you would like to catch the necklaces, wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen will be a good way to avoid a bit overwhelmed.
Superb Quality Wedding And Party Rhodium Plated Fashion Short Necklace
Earrings: women can wholesale earrings by the dozen as one of the best options for parties and functions. A set of diamond earrings is beautiful and highly coveted. Diamond earrings are the perfect jewelry addition to woman’s wardrobe because of the sparkle effects they can bring to an outfit. Gold earrings are perfect for giving a splash of style in a hurry. They can be worn for extended periods of time at the same time. While silver earrings are a jewelry staple for many women, which can match most colors well and are flattering to a variety of skin tones. Hoop, studs, dangling styles made of these wonderful materials should be included in your jewelry wholesale collection.
Wonderful Rhodium Plated Alloy Drop & Dangle Earrings
Rings: Fabulous gemstone looks great when paired with neutrals or warm hues on the rings. Cocktail rings are also enjoying a surge in popularity, but they have actually fashionable for several decades. Right now one of the trendiest pieces of jewelry is the cocktail ring. Cubic zirconia cocktail rings allow women to indulge in extravagant rings without emptying their bank accounts. Cubic zirconias are bright and beautiful, but they are also affordable. You can afford a ring with a big gem when you shop wholesale rings.
Online Wholesale Auden Crystal Russian Style Multi Gemstone Ring
Bracelets: Bracelets has accessorized the wrist of women since so many years ago. Chain bracelets, thick bangles and cuff, pearl bracelets make wonderful choices because they look incredibly trendy. They are available in range of styles, which tempt you with their vibrant colors and unique patterns. Try these new pieces of fashion bracelets this season. Consider modern pieces of jewelry the next time when you would like to wholesale jewelry by the dozen.
Believable Auden Crystal Halloween Little Thin Bangle
Once you have known the fashion element in the fashion industry, you can buy wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen with confidence. Hope you can get better business from this purchase.
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