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The latest wholesale bracelets and bangles from China can be found updately from Viennois-online. After mastering the first-hand information in the fashion industry, you are definitely get the hot selling wholesale jewelry business in the local place.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Wholesale trendy bangles from Chinese supplier, Viennois-online

Bangles can be easily used to create different looks every time, so that they are loved by widely modern people. Viennois-online, best fashion jewelry supplier in China has pushed out thousands of new designs of wholesale bangles for the wholesale buyers, trade companies and foreign agent and others to catch the current fashion trends. Wholesale fashion bangles, gold plated bangles, thin bangles, chunky bangles, more than 90000 jewelry items for you all to choose from. Embrace the fashion trends now.
Best selling bangle wholesale choices:
Wholesale gold plated bangles: The aesthetic of metal combined with leather is timeless. Few summer outfits are complete without a splash of color. No matter what the styles you are, gold plated bangles can help embrace the season with a spectrum of hues. When plan your wholesale bangles purchases, choose a few of these bangles and bracelets to keep bright and fresh your collection.
Viennois high quality plating 18k gold fashion bracelet
Wholesale thin bangles: Choose a thin bangle in a few different colors, so that they can be combined with different styles. Bangles made of wood can be found in both thin and thick styles. Wood bracelets may be stained or lacquered to make them smooth and to give them a rich luster and hue. Thin wood bracelets truly help express the love of nature. Absolutely right choice to get these natural jewelry designs.
Trusted Auden Crystal Halloween Little Thin Bangle
Wholesale chunky bangles: Chunky bracelets have always been popular for their whimsical, upbeat style and opportunity for personalization. Choose a charm bracelet with a style that appeal to all the fashionable people. Keep the look from becoming overpowering by matching your wholesale bangles with other accessories.
Delicate Alloy Russian Style Exaggerate Chunky Bangles
Wholesale fashion bangles from China: They can really bring a touch of the world to your collection. Gold and silver jewelry both go well with the different bracelets. Gemstone is also a good option for paring with the bangles.
Superior Transparency Rhodium Plated Fashion Bangle
If you are in the market for trendy new wholesale bangles, consider these hip new pieces. They will be the coolest jewelry this season, with a fresh crop of styles ranging in color, decoration and pattern. Which styles are your favorites? Do not hesitate anymore.
The reasons why choose Viennois-online to wholesale bangles
They have exclusive bangle designs: As mentioned before, Viennois-online has more than 90000 items in stock and you can get 2000 new designs monthly updated wholesale jewelry. Choosing Viennois-online to wholesale bangles, you will be set apart from your competitors with the unique designs and various choices.
They have top quality wholesale bangles: As China No.1 jewelry wholesale supplier, Viennois-online focuses on the High Quality jewelry only. All the wholesale bangles reach global standards, ISO 9001, EC & SGS report gets, Nickel and Lead free! Superior quality helps numerous wholesalers and retailers earn loyalty customers!
They can give you supreme service: Viennois-online provides you professional and superb answers and solution. No matter what enquiries or complaints you have in your purchasing process, it can respond you quickly. It will be your best business partner and it has built up long term relationship with brands as DEMBENHAMS, ICON, FRENCH CONNECTION, OASIS, BIMBAY LOLA, and international top designers.
What their customers say about them: Vanessa Cartin, a store owner opened a jewelry store at a high end shopping center in her hometown of San Jose, Costa Rica. She ever said "Viennois-online does a great job on products, my customers love your designs. What makes you different from other suppliers is that you are a very dedicated team of professionals. I appreciate your advises on my purchases and have helped me make great sales all year round, particularly during special holidays. It is very easy and I am very happy in doing business with you. Keep up with the good job!"
Begin your bangles wholesale to make big sales now! Keep trying:
Bangles are incredibly trendy. They are available in range of styles, which tempt you with their vibrant colors and unique patterns. Besides, there is no reason why you cannot start over your wholesale bangles from Viennois-online.
Fashion bangles from Viennois-online feature in diversified styles, beautiful appearances and high qualities. Rich production experience, expert specification and professional buyer system, complied with international quality standards, Viennois-online can provide you level of services with extraordinary attention to detail of jewelry and commitment to excellence. Professional purchasing suggestions are also provided to wholesalers who buy fashion jewelry from Viennois-online Company.
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