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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Three facts you need to know when wholesale gold plated necklaces

The different finishing styles include brushed gold, smooth finish, sparkling diamond-cut and sterling silver and so on. For gold plated necklaces, customers can choose between 14K plating, 18K plating or 24K plating, which is commonly seen in the jewelry market. If you decide to wholesale gold plated necklaces, the followings are three facts you need to know clearly.
Exquisite Butterfly Shaped Rose Gold Plated Fashion Sweater Necklace A5303460
Why to wholesale gold plated necklaces:
Beautiful design and affordable rate – these are the main benefits, you will get out of your gold plated necklace. Such ornament are very delicate in mature and demands utmost care. Therefore, gold plated jewelry is preferred by most of the people. Less expensive but looking like original gold jewelry, such ornament possess little gold as a layer over them. Mostly, silver and copper are used for this purpose. In fact, there was a time when gold plated jewelry was limited to the people who cannot buy gold jewelry but today gold plated jewelry or gold plated necklaces has become first choice of every one due to its cheap rates and attractive designs. With so many profit margins can the gold plated jewelry bring to your business, wholesale gold plated necklaces will be a right choice for your wholesale collection.
What the trendy styles are in gold plated necklaces:
Long gold plated necklaces with large pendants are definitely one of the trendiest pieces of jewelry at the moment. Long chains and long strands of pearls have been gracing runways for several seasons and are probably at the top of your style list right now. If you are doing your purchase of wholesale gold plated necklaces, then you can try this new necklace trend this time, which can help you gain loyal customers. Besides, this style will also be the most enduring jewelry traditions for an enduring time. Do not hesitate anymore.
How to keep the gold plated necklaces clean and shinning:
1. Gold plated necklaces should not be kept on hard surface as this may cause scratch on it, which can also harm weak layer of gold and make the jewelry look lousy.
2. Keep the gold plated necklace in a velvet lined jewelry box after use or wrap it in a soft cloth in order to avoid scratches.
3. Wipe them with soft cotton. This will help in cleaning up dirt or dust which gets deposited over the surface of jewelry.
4. Take some warm water in a bowl and pour few drops of dish soap into it. Never use antibacterial soap for this purpose as it contains abrasives.
5. Though the gold plated jewelry can be cleaned at home, if you are not comfortable with it, it should be taken to local goldsmith to repaint the Gold plated necklace.
With these simple tips can be used to clean gold plated necklaces, you can also tell your customers when they buy wholesale gold plated necklaces to you.
Gold plated necklaces are the perfect example of personal expression. If you are ready to wholesale gold plated necklaces, use these three facts to plan your jewelry collection journey.
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