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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Heart pendants – a timeless piece

Pendants are a piece of jewelry that is hanging from a chain and most appreciated jewelry piece by the ladies. Heart shaped pendants have always symbolized eternal love and have been exchanged between two people as a symbol of their love. To wholesale pendants, heart shape should be must-have items to your collection. They are available in different forms based on the base metal used, and thus are affordable for all classes of people.
Different trendy types of hear pendants:
Diamond heart pendants:
Diamond jewelry is so often associated with formal events, but diamond heart shaped pendants can be worn with jeans, which also look very trendy. Besides, a shiny, modern diamond heart pendant also looks great with antique jewelry. Generally, diamonds are used in pendants in different combinations and sometimes the entire pendant is made of diamonds, or diamonds are arranged at the borders of white metallic pendant. Diamond heart pendant is perhaps the most widely proffered of all the heart shaped pendant for its eye-catching decoration and beautiful design. Right choice for your pendants wholesale.
Silver heart pendants:
These are the most affordable type of heart pendants available, but needs high level maintenance to maintain their clarity. Sometimes they are available as lockets to preserve photos or your loved one’s fond memories. They are either puffed or hollow and sometimes encrusted with gemstones and may be either polished or left with its innate brashness. To get affordable yet wonderful wholesale pendants(, silver heart pendants is your consideration.
Gemstone heart pendants:
The most predominantly used precious stones are the blue sapphire and ruby and both of them make an excellent combination with white gold, crafted as a single elegant pendant. These pendants are available in great varieties. They are numerous styles and designs for you to choose from when wholesale pendants. Be it a large sized of pendants of diamond or a small one. Gemstone jewelry sparkles beautifully under any occasion. Therefore, pack a few gemstone wholesale pendants regularly.
Tips for buying heart pendant wholesale on Viennois-online:
Finding the right type of wholesale pendants can be easy if you know what and where to look for. There can be many variations in a pendant based on its size, shape, design and the type of material, the pendant and chain it is made from. But there are few basic points to be noted before choosing the right pendant.
Price: it is an important factor in choosing the right type of heart pendant. Of course, the chain attached to the pendant also needs to be checked for quality.
Shine: the shine factor needs to be considered as well as nobody would want to spend on something that would fade as time passes.
Size: The small sized pendants look more elegant and beautiful compared to the larger sized gaudy looking pendants. Moreover, if you would like to make your money valuable, choose a reliable supplier to do your wholesale purchases.
Viennois-online ensure a good match for every taste and style. Different types of wholesale pendants are also fit a range of budgets. Shopping on Viennois-online provides advantages such as free shipping, authorized sellers and an extensive buyer protection policy. Having its own factory and rich experience in the fashion industry, large brand like ICON chooses Viennois to do OEM wholesale pendants. Icon Brand is a men’s accessories brand. Its relentless passion for crafting product created a distinct design language that has become identifiable with Icon Brand. This year is has chooses to cooperate with Viennois-online. Why do not join it together?
Heart pendants can be worn by women of all ages as long as they are sleek and made out of high quality materials. They are also popular gifts for every romantic occasion. Heart pendants can be sweet and simple or exciting and extravagant. To meet the different needs from your customers, buy wholesale pendants with heart shapes. As heart pendants is a timeless piece.
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