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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Current trends in wholesale hair accessories

Sparkly accessories are an easy way to glam up an otherwise understated style. “The reason for using the hair accessories is to add glamour and interest to a look, which can flatter your hair style and really enhance the outfit,” Said Kirsten Dunst's hairstylist Cervando Maldonado, who topped off her blond locks with gold stars. To win more favors of your customers, try on the current trends on wholesale hair accessories.
Embellished hair tie:
Low Price Butterfly Shaped Champagne Hair Tie
Hair ties don’t have to be plain, black and almost undetectable in hair. A good outfit relies on the small details to really stand out, and a hair tie embellished with charms can really add that extra touch. For a more summery look, choose a hair tie that’s embellished with a beautiful flower. These types of hair ties are both available in most online or physical stores and they are preferred especially by the young fashionable ladies. Right choice for your wholesale hair accessories collection.
Simple elegant headband:
Attractive Glass Stone Butterfly Shaped Headband
An embellished headband is a stylish twist on a traditional headband. Instead of the thick, stretchy headbands that are more suited towards sports, these are meant to be the star feature of your outfit. Choose a headband embellished with rhinestones or a sparkly gemstone, which will give the simple elegant effects. Now it has been the current trends for the wholesalers to wholesale hair accessories.
Butterfly shaped hair clips:
Well Made European Style Butterfly Shaped Hair Pin
Butterfly clips, or a small hairclip shaped like a butterfly, might seem like something out of 2002, but rest assured, these are still beloved by little girls everywhere. There’s something overtly feminine and girly about butterfly clips that help make a summer dress seem sweeter. To wholesale hair accessories, do not miss this trendy styles.
Floral hair pins:
Modern Foral Fabrics Hair Pin
A hair pin is classic wardrobe staple. It’s overtly feminine, girlish instead of grown up and comes in so many shapes and patterns that there’s one that will match every outfit. If you’re going for a half up pony tail or want to tie a serious amount of hair back, choose a hair pin designed with floral styles. For a cute accessory when hair is down, choose a bright bow with a fun dotted pattern or opt for one covered in glitter. Anyhow, floral has been an eternal theme for hair accessories styles and also for your wholesale hair accessories collection.
Get what you want from Viennois-online:
Fashion accessories exist to define the outfits and personalize the way people look. To choose the best wholesale hair accessories for your collection, Viennois-online is the perfect place for you to go. It can offer you today’s most fashionable accessories for different hair styles.
Viennois-online, China fashion jewelry and accessories manufacturer, since 1996, exports fashion jewelry directly to foreign agents, trade companies and importers. Viennois-online started jewelry wholesale business online years ago, began a new business mode, small wholesale and wholesale at dozen pack purchase online, China factory sell direct to both online and offline retailers and resellers. Sourcing China long-term fashion jewelry wholesale supplier, Viennois-online would be your first choice to improve your business ROI. Begin your wholesale hair accessories now!
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