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Friday, May 16, 2014

Do not forget these styles when wholesale rings

Each wholesale collection is an opportunity to buy wholesale fashion jewelry. When you wholesale rings, consider the trendy rings styles and the best ones which represent the qualities of your high fashion sense. Do not miss these styles for your wholesale rings collection.
Trendy rings styles for 2014:
Read the different trendy styles for rings to decide if they are suitable for your wholesale rings collections.
Stainless steel rings
Stainless steel is very popular in men’s rings, but many new women’s ring styles are also coming out in stainless steel. This metal is easier to care for than sterling silver because it doesn’t tarnish and it is also more affordable than gold, platinum, tungsten and other precious metals, which may benefit many trendy women who would like to turn to stainless steel when they need extra shine and texture. This trendy but not very common style should not be missed out this year.
Cocktail rings
high Viennois Fashion Rhodium Plating Glass Stone Ring
The cocktail ring was very popular during the 1950s, but its current trendiness threatens to rewrite fashion history books. Gemstones styles like citrine are affordable enough to accessorize cocktail-style rings with bold color and sparkle. The defining characteristic of a cocktail ring is a bold design or one large center stone. This iconic ring style is sure to be a fashion staple for as long as gemstone remains popular. Again, when wholesale rings, remember gemstone cocktail rings.
Artistic rings
Antique rings and estate rings offer unique trends and styles. It can be difficult to find a truly artistic ring among today's mass-produced pieces. Antique rings reflect the styles of the time period in which they were designed, and many pieces of antique jewelry are fabulously unconventional. Consider adding a geometric art deco diamond ring to your collection to refresh your wholesale rings collection.
Wholesale rings buying guides from Viennois-online:
Rings are unique among jewelry accessories. They are not just worn for special lifetime any more. They are more used to make decorations. To wholesale the hot sale rings, use the buying guides to make informed jewelry buying decision.
Trendy styles for your collection:
Trendy Design The Heavy Metal And Punk Element Oxidation Bronze Fashion Tail Ring
Just like clothing and hairstyles, each person will have a different taste when it comes to ring jewelry. Consider the latest trends when shop for wholesale fashion jewelry, which is important for your wholesale business. Not only can you get the newest designs, but also you can get the favors from your customers.
Consider rings for guys:
Men’s jewelry keeps gaining in popularity with new designs that are sleek and attractive but not overdo. You can enhance your wholesale rings collection with men’s jewelry and match different fashion senses. There are also so many ring styles for men, so that creative ring styles can be easily found for your collection.
Tips for caring rings:
Beautiful and well-made rings will last for decades, sometimes for generations, with some gentle care and preventive maintenance. As a professional wholesaler, you should know how to clean rings. First, prepare a mild cleaning solution of water and a few drops of dish soap. Second, soak metal bands and rings with diamonds or gemstones for a few minutes. Last, rinse the rings with fresh water and dry rings with a soft and a lint-free cloth.
Consider these ideas when searching for the perfect promise wholesale rings. Good luck!

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