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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fashion trends in wholesale bracelets from China

Every fashionable woman needs to complement her wardrobe with stylish bracelets from time to time. Today's hottest trends seen on the red carpet and beyond are those bold pieces that convey your personal style. Are you looking for fashion bracelets for women? Would you like to wholesale bracelets from China? Now let’s see the fashion trend in bracelets this year.
Trend 1 stacked bracelets
Stephanie Rygorsky, the fashion expert at woman's world says that "Wearing bracelets on both wrists is definitely eye-catching, so I would advise keeping the rest of your jewelry minimal."As pleasing as it is to see an overall outfit, it’s the details that add up to a cohesive and decorative function to people’s arm. So it’s easy to see why stacked bracelets have had such sartorial staying power until now. This trend showcases your personal sensibilities, cook look and adds color, dimension, and intrigue to the most basic look.
There are so many options for you to choose from, which can ensure that what you purchase can meet the different needs of the individual. "Depending on how bold you are, you can incorporate one color element into an all-metal bracelet stack, or you can go all out and mix and match several colors on one arm," also says Rygorsky.
Trend 2 cuff bracelets
Because they are being crafted as personal statement pieces, cuff bracelets are becoming the most popular, though yet affordable, of this year’s fashion jewelry trends. Cuff bracelets, especially the silver cuff bracelet, are some of the most versatile and, well, cool pieces of jewelry, which can also be worn for the men.
In fashion jewelry, cuff bracelets have always been popular and this year’s summer trends are as well. One refreshing change is stainless steel, bronze, and titanium metal in many of the styles, giving an updated look to the traditional styles. Most of the cuff bracelets are crafted to bring eye-catching attention to the piece. To wholesale cuff bracelets will be also a right choice for you.
Trend 3 charm bracelets
Other chunky style of bracelets popular this year is the bracelets with charm. Charm bracelets are the height of fashion right now and making your own personality given out. Girls can build beautiful bracelets to wear or give to friends which are almost identical to the coolest high street jewelry brands. The deluxe style charm bracelets make every way to show your personality easier. How could you refuse the charm bracelets? Take purchasing wholesale charm bracelet into consideration.
Owing delicate craftsmanship and high quality material, that’s why the bracelets are popular with different ages and styles. All the bracelets from Viennois-online will only grow in popularity and we will be sure to see more on wrists. Shop for our high fashion jewelry and check out the latest fashion jewelry trends.
Viennois is a jewelry company with over 20 years experience in fashion jewelry industry, and now it has become a leading company in jewelry industry and the NO.1 jewelry exporter in China. So on the aspects of fashion trend of jewelry and fashion jewelry matching, viennois have the ability to lead the mainstream. To know more about the wholesale jewelry, connect with me on facebook or Google+.
, connect with me on facebook or Google+.

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