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Friday, November 22, 2013

Top two viennois Jewelry wholesaler products

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Product Name Wholesale Online Irregular-Shape Shourouk Jewelry Fashion Short Necklace Efficiency In Cross Resin Fashion Short Necklace
HM5302815 HM5302804
Detail Item Specifications Item Specifications
SKU HM5303906 SKU HM5303907
Category Fashion Short Necklace Category Fashion Short Necklace
Country of Origin China Country of Origin China
Electrogilding 14K Gold Plated Electrogilding Silver Oxide
Regional Styles The Middle Eastern Style Regional Styles The Middle Eastern Style
Main Gemstone type Resin Main Gemstone type Glass Stone
Jewelry Metal Alloy Jewelry Metal Alloy
Shape Irregular-Shape Shape DIY Charm
Dimensions of Exaggerate Chunky Bangles 0.00 - 0.00 - 0.00 CM (As the Picture) Dimensions of Exaggerate Chunky Bangles 0.00 - 0.00 - 0.00 CM (As the Picture)
Net Weight 0.08 KG / Pieces Net Weight 0.08 KG / Pieces
Availability 28 Pieces 23 Pieces


Tassels has been accessorizing the city’s top fashionistaswith the hippest, cutting edge jewelry in the heart of Buckhead since 1997. In recent years tassels has become one of the main elements of fashion.
Material   As a kind of popular material applied into jewelry making, alloy has developed its advantages such as being durable in jewelry producing for a so long time. And then alloy also is difficult to be corroded by external elements such as water or oxygen so that it can keep its cluster all the time.
Wear Tips

Suitable cleaning product and method
Care and Cleaning - Check with your jeweler prior to using a commercial cleaning product for the first time. Dispose of any such cleaner after 3 months. A home solution of one part mild detergent, one part household ammonia, and three parts water is also effective for many jewelry-cleaning needs. Dry the jewelry with a lint-free towel. This method of cleaning is especially desirable for alexandrite, amethyst, andalusite, aquamarine, citrine, diamond, garnet, iolite, moonstone, ruby, sapphire, spinal, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, and cubic zirconium.

Consummation post-sale
Every product you get from Viennois, we promise that you can get comprehensive post-sale service, which means no matter what kinds of questions you have or what problems you meet, Viennois will provide you professional and superb answers and solution to you. No matter when we get your enquiry or asking for help, we will be there you have access to at your service. About your fashion and beauty, Viennois is willing to be your consultant for your better life.

MSRP US$ 18.25 / Pieces US$ 19.00 / Pieces
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China Style Pushed Wholesale Earrings from China to the Crest

The people know about more about time, he or she will have deeper love for tradition beauty. Ancient people are likely to recollect time of past and collect beauty filled with sense of ancientness, because that is the unduplicated beauty in modern times. In the collection world, there are three important rules you need to know, which is respecting ancient art and including thinking. Many collectors like to collect jewelry just because of its culture and history instead of its expensive price and value. They said that when they saw the jewelry, what makes them moving really is the trace of history left.
People recognize different races depending on skin color and bones, we also depend on the same way to recognize jewelry. By virtue of materials and designs, we can know the jewelry is from Turkey, India, Italy, and Egypt and so on. Because of the trace and mark of ancestors, we can easily recognize where they are from.
Or course in China, jewelry has the unique mark and trace such as emerald, south red agate, filigree insetting and so on. However, modern design has reduced the degree of recognition much more. So now what we should do is to hand over the good tradition and delicate jewelry making skill.
Among the diversified jewelry design in modern jewelry market, the original China style jewelry looks so unique and different. Because designers abide by the rules and tradition of China to make jewelry, so the jewelry is the best expression for Chinese culture, which is a moving story about jewelry development history in China. May nowadays, there are few people know that filigree is one of the eight best jewelry making technologies. The filigree had been used in the jewelry specially provides to noble class. Women from noble class are likely to wearing gold and jewelry with gems. And at the same time, they like to wear earrings with emerald or ruby. So many people in other countries start to wholesale earrings from China through jewelry wholesaler. ?
Nowadays, traditional Chinese jewelry has been popular with people all over the world. And the theme of dating back to ancient time is also popular with people all over the world. Perhaps people really need a space and thing to bear their busy work and fast life paces to reduce pressure from the busy life state.

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